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Massively Parallel Procrastination

No, I'm not actually blogging again

This morning, I got asked where someone should point a link to "me", so I told them to just point it at

And then I looked at, which has been my personal homepage since people had personal homepages.

The blog that was supposed to show up there was literally just showing a javascript error. And half the social sites in my linkroll (is that even what you call that thing?) were dead. I mean, and weren't there anymore. But Twitter was still at the top of the list. And my Google Plus link was up there. And oh god. Talk about link rot.

So I figured it was time to finally shave that elephant-sized yak that's been sitting around in the room for the last five-plus years and move my blog onto some modern static site generator. I mean, I've posted there in the past decade. But the way I posted there was to...log into TypePad and put content into their WYSIWYG editor.

While I was at it, I rolled in all my old posts from my Livejournal, because yeah, a lot of my blogging life lived there too. And then I finally integrated a bunch of letters home that I wrote to a mailing list of people who wanted to hear from me while I was studying abroad in Moscow 27 years. ago.

And now I'm trying to get my Twitter archive pushed up to, because it's Friday evening and this is what sounds like fun on a Friday night these days.

But hey, now that blogging is "put a text file in a directory and type an arcane command" instead of "log into a website and press buttons with gradient backgrounds", maybe I'll actually write a bit more?